Where Flavour Is King

Johnnie Walker

Strategy, Advertising, Design, Premium Retail, Experiential, Content

The Challenge

Communicate to a global audience the big, bold flavours of Johnnie Walker whiskies from Red Label through to Platinum Label.

Our Approach

We wanted to get as far away from the twee world of whisky flavour advertising - where a bottle of Scotch sits pompously next to an apple, some scattered raisons and some pieces of toffee. We wanted attitude and dynamism, a sense of enormity, glamour and an epic visual richness appropriate to Johnnie Walker, the World’s favourite whisky. And we did one other thing. We brought back the Striding Man, the iconic figure at the heart of the Brand, who’d been missing in action from his own ads for over 30 years. Photography by Finally Mackay.

Where Flavour Is King