Autumn 2016


TV, Art Direction, Content Creation

The Challenge

Continue to establish the newly revamped Jacamo brand, using our fresh look and feel to engage our target audience, raise brand awareness and showcase key products from the autumn collection.

Our Response

Freddie Flintoff is the perfect ambassador for Jacamo. He’s a big fella, he’s full of fun and he looks devilishly handsome in a three-piece. So, to get Freddie’s personality across, alongside our more playful tone of voice, we dressed him up in autumn attire and got him moving around the studio.
In partnership with The Mill, we developed a slick stop-motion style TVC, using bold typography to drive home key messages. We kept the line simple but impactful - ‘Jacamo Fits’ - because it doesn’t matter who you are, or where you’re going, Jacamo has the perfect outfit.

Social Animations

Any Man, Any Occasion. Jacamo Fits. That line, along with the stop-motion style we’d developed for the TVC style, expanded out nicely into social comms.

Social Content

Shooting behind-the-scenes to create more shareable content, the biggest question on everyone’s lips was ‘Will it fit, Freddie?’ Naturally. So we created some challenges to bring that question to life. Never has so much fun been had with cricket balls and a Smart car.

TV Idents

We continued our sponsorship of Driving Entertainment on the Dave channel with a new series of idents. This time we reached into the world of funny home videos to capture moments of ‘perfect fit’.